Journey into Drumming:
Fifteen years ago, Willy Hermanto embarked on his drumming journey, driven by the need for a drummer in his church music group. Initially self-taught and guided by online resources, Willy soon realized the limitations of this approach. Seeking to deepen his skills, he turned to formal lessons from accomplished drummers like Mike Vanderhule of Y&T and Ron E. Beck from Tower of Power. This transformative learning process led Willy to relearn the basics and correct self-taught habits, laying a solid foundation for his drumming career. Today, Willy is not only a dedicated teacher but also a sought-after gigging and session drummer for various bands, bringing a wealth of live playing experience to his students.

Teaching Philosophy:
At SJAM, Willy applies a detail-oriented teaching style. He emphasizes breaking down songs to understand their mechanics, building muscle memory for unfamiliar phrases. His focus is not just on the technical aspects but also on the feel and groove of the music, ensuring that his students can play in harmony with other musicians. Willy’s experience in relearning drumming fundamentals informs his approach, stressing the importance of mastering basics to facilitate learning new songs and expanding skills.

Beyond Drumming:
Willy’s creativity extends to song arrangements for choirs and composing for musical dramas. This artistic flair enhances his drumming, infusing his performances and teaching with creativity and a deeper understanding of music composition.

How We Do It at SJAM:

Build a Solid Foundation: Dive deep into drumming basics, mastering every aspect from rhythm to technique, ensuring your skills are grounded and strong.

Enhance Musical Expression: Learn to not just play, but to feel and express the music. We focus on nurturing your ability to bring emotion and depth to every beat.
Develop Leadership: Beyond drumming, we train you to lead. You’ll learn how to guide a band, make collaborative decisions, and inspire your fellow musicians, truly becoming the heartbeat of any ensemble.

A Message to Aspiring Drummers:
Willy firmly believes that music is a skill that can be learned by anyone, not just the inherently talented. He encourages students by comparing music learning to academic subjects – understanding is crucial, but practice is what internalizes skills and turns them into automatic habits. Willy invites everyone to SJAM, assuring that with dedication and the right guidance, anyone can master the art of drumming.

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