SJAM classes will be suspended today, October 10, 2019, due to the power outage. Please check back here for updates. Thank you!

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Welcome to SJAM!

Evergreen, San Jose, California


OUR MISSION is to provide the people in our community with an excellent music program taught in a professional, personal, nurturing, and fun environment. We invite you to visit us to experience the wonderful things we are doing at the Academy, to hear the beautiful music that our students are creating, to appreciate their artistic work, and, most importantly, to see the difference that we can all make in our community and our world at large through excellence in Music Education.

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Schedule an Interview/Trial Class

Meet the teacher, see our facilities, and find the right fit for you!

We welcome and encourage students of all ages! Whether a student is a beginner or one who has already begun their lifelong relationship with music, we aim to help each individual develop their own understanding of music’s richness and expressive means.


Private lessons are offered for the following instruments: Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Ukelele, Drums, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Music Theory and Music Composition.

We welcome Homeschooled Students!

San Jose Children’s Chorus

Now Enrolling for Winter/Spring Term 2020!!

Ages 4 - 10. No prior musical experience is necessary.


“Music is the language of the heart, without words.”

Thank you for your interest in the San Jose Academy of Music. SJAM’s program is created to develop the whole child. We believe that music is a means to establish good work ethic, satisfaction of hard work, self-expression, critical thinking and to build confidence. We hope that the study of music will enhance their lives and give them valuable skills to pursue any career or life path they choose.

There are three components to achieve a meaningful music experience : the parent, the student, and the teacher.

  • The teacher’s primary role is to be an example and role model for the child and parent.

  • The parent learns from the teacher how to teach music to the child.

  • The child learns from the teacher (with the support of the parents) how the instrument should sound and what good posture should look like and feel like.

Music making can become a positive family experience, aiming to bring emphasis to the learning process and support the parents to be involved, thus, encouraging the child’s success.

I invite you to meet our accomplished faculty, visit our school, and learn about the programs that SJAM has to offer. Musically engage your child to become a generous, thoughtful, and imaginative individual, positively contributing to our community, and in turn, the world!

Ophelia Raboca

SJAM Director