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Thank you for visiting the San Jose Academy of Music website (SJAM)!

We hope that all of the information presented to you is informational, inspirational, and a great introduction to what SJAM has to offer.

SJAM is a music academy composed of professional musicians dedicated to the musical and artistic education of the community. Currently, we offer private lessons for students interested in learning: Classical and Jazz piano, voice, violin, harp, and guitar. We welcome and encourage students of all ages! Whether a student is a beginner, or one who has already begun their lifelong relationship with music, we aim to help each individual develop their own understanding of music's richness and expressive means. Ensemble opportunities such as children's chorus and small instrumental ensembles are also encouraged. We also offer courses such as Music Theory and Ear Training to help stimulate and develop logical thinking. Public performances and recitals are encouraged to promote self-esteem and accomplishment.

All of the activities mentioned above are supported by professional, creative musicians dedicated to the fine art of teaching, to serving the specific needs of each individual student and to communicating the joys of music.

We at SJAM believe that music and the arts should be incorporated into every individual's life to help shape and mold them to reach their full potential.

"Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young." — Aristotle

Our mission is to provide the people in our community an excellent music and arts program taught in a professional, personal, nurturing and fun environment.

And so, we invite you to visit us to experience the wonderful things we are doing at the Academy, to hear the beautiful music that our students are creating, to appreciate their artistic work, and most importantly, to see the difference that we all can make in the lives of those in our community.

Let us celebrate and experience music together!