San Jose Children’s Chorus

Ages 4 - 10

SJAM Choir 2
SJAM Choir 3

When Are Rehearsals?

Choral Program Commencement Date:

Jan 12, 2020

Choral Director: Evamarie Teodoro

Where: Studio C, San Jose Academy of Music 3695 Rose Terrasse Circle, San Jose, CA 95148

We believe that music and singing can be learned and enjoyed by all children. Singers of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, experience, and ability are welcome! SJAM’s Choir, headed by Evamarie R. Teodoro seeks to serve as a resource for education, support, repertoire, and performance and preparation standards for all genres and community choral art. We strive to nurture the artistic talent of the children in our community! Vocal development will be incorporated with movement and stage works. All of our students learn the following valuable skills:

  • Focus on singing techniques and performance

  • Movement and stage direction

  • Respiration - training in proper breathing

  • Phonation and resonant tone production - quality of voice while singing

  • Diction - clarity in speech

  • Expression - communication of moods and feelings

  • Types of music - classical, traditional, popular, and musical productions

  • Involvement with other instruments, such as handbells

  • Choir performances - 2-3 times a year


To create the most effective learning environment, singers are divided into two singing groups:

Group one: Ages 4 - 5

Group two: Ages 6 - 10