Ms. Merced Te

Piano Instructor

Merced has studied piano since the age of seven. She started lessons with Sister Leonor as a child and continued her training with many other teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in piano and music education, minor in voice from the University of San Agustin where she was also a member of university choir. She attended Santa Isabel College Conservatory of Music where she studied advance piano styles and techniques.

She started her teaching career at Yamaha School of Music where shortly after she became head teacher. She was able to share with other teachers her methods and love of teaching. She has organized recitals and prepared students for competitions and performances.

She continues her love for music by playing in weddings, church events and services, school programs, and facilities.

She’s overjoyed to be a part of the San Jose Academy of Music where she can empower young minds, foster creativity, and build confidence.

Merced is passionate about cultivating an environment where everyone, regardless of age or experience can enjoy the gift of music and the journey to finding their own creative voice in a community of supportive minds and kindred spirits.