Leah Nascimento

Piano Instructor

Leah Nascimento showed an interest in piano at a very early age. Before she started formal lessons, Leah would ‘play’ the piano for her grandparents, who were always a very captive and gracious audience. At age six, she finally got the lessons she had been begging for. She started with Ophelia Raboca at the San Jose Academy of Music. Throughout middle and high school, Leah routinely participated in local classical piano competitions, played at weddings, recitals, musical theater productions and other events. After she completed all levels of the Certificate of Merit in 2009, the San Jose Academy of Music held a solo recital for Leah at Le Petite Trianon Concert Hall where she performed 10 pieces for a large audience.

Leah continued with her musical studies at Santa Clara University. She participated in the choir, the world percussion ensemble, and excelled in piano performance. She received a dual degree in music and psychology in 2013, and is currently apart of SCU’s masters program to further her education in the field of psychology. Leah has been a piano instructor and the San Jose Academy of Music since 2010. She specializes in classical, romantic, contemporary and pop performance, piano technique as well as music theory. Outside of the studio, Leah spends her time as a behavioral therapist for children and families with autism and other developmental disabilities.