Music Instructor

Violin, Piano, Instrumental Ensembles

Mr. Miguel began learning the piano at the age of five, influenced by his family.  By fourteen years old, he served in his local parish as a pianist and also performed masses in his school.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Music Education.  He studied violin under various faculty members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra in Manila, Philippines.  

Partnering with the music faculty at his Alma Mater,  Lourdes College he helped to spearhead a string orchestra.  He taught piano and violin at Lourdes College for eight years.

Additionally, Mr. Miguel is an experienced choir conductor, director, and accompanist, working with various churches in his city.  In 2023, he served as a music teacher at Lame Deer Elementary School, instructing kindergarten through sixth grade.

Mr. Miguel aims to teach and share his kills and knowledge with a new generation of aspiring musicians.

Online Instruction is available.

In-Studio lesson location: 2726 Aborn Road Ste. A, Evergreen Valley Center, San Jose, CA 95121



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