Evamarie Raboca Barlaan Teodoro

Violin and Piano Instructor, Choral Instructor

Preschool Music Program Director

Evamarie R. Teodoro started her musical journey at the age of 5, when she had her first piano lesson.  Her mother, a pianist, soon discovered that Evamarie had preference for higher notes and melodies.  Because of this observation, Evamarie had her first violin lesson at the age of 6.  She grew up participating in Youth Orchestras, International Music Festivals  and Musical Tours in Europe.

A graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, Evamarie R. Teodoro has performed with various orchestras and ensembles in the New England Area and in the Bay Area.

Evamarie also has a love of Musical Theatre and Opera and has become a Soprano member of the Saringhimig Chorale in San Francisco, CA and the SympoNYChorale in New York City.

As she has always had a passion for teaching music, she has pursued this passion through teaching choir in school districts in California and New York City, and teaching Violin privately.  She has also gained international performing and teaching experience as she has taught in the International Schools of Hong Kong (2014 - 20 17) and Tokyo, Japan (2017 - 2018).  She enjoys finding different and creative ways to teach music to pupils with various learning styles and to see her students achieve their musical goals.

Evamarie is currently accepting new enrollments to begin in Jan or 2020. For any inquiries, please email her at evamarie@sanjoseacademyofmusic.com.