Eric Barlaan

Piano, Violin, Cello, Drums, Guitar, and Ukulele Instructor

Ericsson Barlaan's earliest memory of the arts is of a Roland digital piano in the 80's. At the age of three, he remembers that digital green screen that came on midi keyboards, and to a kid that's that's one fascinating screen.

For as long as he can remember, Ericsson has been an artist.. A decade later, faced with the decision to either pursue a career in engineering, or the arts, Ericsson chose the arts as his mistress, due to his uncanny ability to interpret aesthetics. Therefore, he began throughly plumbing the depths of art.

To pay his dues to all of the artist that came before, Ericsson entered San Francsico Conservatory of Music sponsored by the Milton Salkind Scholarship Foundation. While reinforcing his knowledge of the classical arts, Ericsson traveled abroad extensively in endeavors of Music Festivals and Orchestral Tours, thus broadening his artistic cultural knowledge. Because of his musical diversity in keyboards, jazz, and percussion, Ericsson has been involved in many art-forms from harpsichord and pipe-organ, to the upsurge of electronica that began in '96.

Ericsson's love of engineering did not go untouched, as he worked with the mechanics of photography in his college years. That love of engineering eventually lead him to study Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, where his work in the multimedia arts has taken his work into new heights, through contemporary culture, knowledge of the classical legacy, combined with the advantages and advances of technology.

From the renaissance, to abstract hip-hop Ericsson feels at home, able to see the foundational artistic concepts in all genres, yet at the same time his grasp of technological concepts gives him comfortability behind a audio console, or in a video editing suite.

Through his relaxed urban nature, and his formal classical side, Ericsson possesses the ability to harmonize all facets of artistic projects. No matter the setting or situation, Ericsson makes the art come to life. Digital, analogue, or film, from concept to material, Ericsson strives to capture the essence of art itself. For more information, please visit: