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We are a unique music school.  Unlike most other places that provide lessons, we are not a store, nor a retail establishment. We are a private, specialized school with the ability to make our own decisions in a small professional environment.  Due to this status, we can focus all of our efforts on creating and maintaining our well-designed programs, attracting and retaining gifted instructors, and paying attention to all of our students as individuals.

San Jose Academy of Music Classes

Private Music Instruction

San Jose Academy of Music and Arts currently offers lessons for the following instruments: Classical Violin, Classical Voice, Classical and Jazz Piano and Classical Guitar, Drums, Voice, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Jazz, and Choir for all levels and ages.

Instrument technique - posture and position, ear-training, and music theory such as note-reading and rhythm are emphasized in these private one-on-one lessons.  Above all, musicality and expression are explored. 

Lessons are scheduled once a week in lengths of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

How to Write a Song

One will learn the fundamentals of composition.


San Jose Academy of Music will be closed on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. There will be no classes on these Holidays.

Special Needs

Piano lessons are offered to children with Autism.  This piano class is a private, one-on-one session.  Skills that will be emphasized are : piano technique, piano theory - music reading, listening, rhythm, and following directions.

Theory and Ear Training

Our theory and ear training classes are designed to develop the mathematical and logical thinking of a student through musical activity. Beginning , Intermediate and Advanced Theory classes available.

San Jose Academy of Music Tuition
New student registration fee: $60.00 per student
Monthly tuition rates for individual lessons are based on lesson length.
Lessons are held once a week (excluding holidays).
San Jose Academy of Music
San Jose Academy of Music
30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
$160.00 $230.00 $320.00

Tuition should be paid in advance on the first week of each month.

There is a $35.00 fee for each returned check.

San Jose Academy of Music Certification/Performances

Certification & recital opportunity

We are happy to announce that San Jose Academy of Music prepares its students for the following certifications:

Music Teachers’ Association of California
Certificate of Merit

National Guild Auditions

Suzuki Association of the Americas (Violin)

The Royal Conservatory Certification

California Association of Professional Music Teachers

Music Teachers National Association

These fine institutions are recognized on the national and international level. They seek to positively develop each student’s potential in the areas of performance as well as theory.

Performance Opportunities:

In order to develop the stage performance of each individual student, SJAM directs musical events for all students according to each individual’s need and proficiency levels.

There are monthly performance recitals through the MTAC.

Studio recitals are held several times a year.

Competitions are available to qualifying students.

Chamber music opportunities.

Master classes.

San Jose Academy of Music Professional Policies

Professional Policies

We understand that music lessons are an investment, and an expense. Regular lesson attendance is essential for progress. The instructors will try their best to make up lessons cancelled by students if at least 24 hours notice has been given. Please contact the office at (408) 806-9050

Plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before your lesson time. Late students will have only the remaining portion of their scheduled lesson time.

Books and other music supplies are not included in the tuition but will be billed separately. Other program fees such as recitals and annual evaluations are billed separately.

Instruments need to be kept in good repair and in tune. For pianos, two tunings per year is recommended.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please phone the teacher or leave a note for the teacher to call you.

Lesson Withdrawal / Refund Policy

In order to withdraw and receive financial credit, students must inform SJAM 30 days prior. Registration is based on a month to month basis. Therefore, the remaining tuition for the month is not dismissed if withdrawal occurs before the balance is paid. Tuition is due every first of the month, a late fee applies after a 15 day grace period. Late fee is $20.00 and will be enforced if tuition is submitted after the 15th day of the month.

Sports: We are sympathetic to the needs of organized sports programs. Sports conflicts are best avoided by finding a time when sports practices/games are not likely to be scheduled. Please obtain a practice and game schedule from your sports coach to avoid conflicts when scheduling music lesson times. Unexpected conflicts during the year should be resolved by calling the music teacher as soon as possible and rescheduling the lesson.

We honor your scheduled lesson by beginning and ending punctually and devoting ourselves wholly to the time we meet together. Please respect each others lesson time. Do not interrupt someone else’s lesson for any reason. During lesson time, teachers do not make or answer telephone calls. Should you wish to speak with a teacher or if there is an emergency, please leave a message and he/she will retrieve it as soon as possible.

San Jose Academy of Music Make Up Policy

To promote progressive and continual education, the below changes to the studio policy will be effective, June 1st, 2012.

Tuition is due in full, at the first lesson of the month. A $20 late is applied to late tuition submission.

Students will be granted weekly lessons, at the pre-scheduled time, whether the students attend or not.

There will be no make-ups if students miss their pre-scheduled time.

In the event of teacher unavailability, a qualified substitute will be provided.

A 30 day notice is required to suspend lessons.

We encourage you to speak with us to discuss any cares or concerns.

San Jose Academy of Music Expectations

Student Expectations

Students are expected to practice on a daily basis - a minimum of a “lesson time” length.
In addition to repertoire, daily preparation may include technique work such as etudes, theory, sight reading and listening assignments. Students are expected to prepare and perform in yearly recitals.


Students may participate in the statewide music program and performance evaluation of the “Certificate of Merit” Program by the Music Teachers Association of California, and the National Piano Guild Audition sponsored by the National College of Musicians.